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Teething-the emergence of a child’s first set of teeth-is a significant experience for a parent and the child. It usually occurs between 6 months to 3 years of age. Tooth eruption may have hereditary patterns. Depending on the parents, a child may experience teething early or late. There is also no set pattern or just memorable experience.

Tooth eruption in children may evoke a sensation that causes irritability, drooling, biting and gnawing. Some may even show cheek rubbing and ear pulling. Note these changes and just be sure that they are not indicative of other conditions that need medical attention.

Symptoms of fever, diarrhea, lack of sleep or colds are also reported by some parents. These have not been scientifically correlated to teething yet and may be likely caused by a concurrent condition.

Pattern of tooth emergence in children
A complete set is composed of 20 teeth(12 less than the adult set)




6 to 7 months
Incisors Two central lower and two central upper teeth
7 to 9 months
Two more incisors Top & bottom; making four top & four bottom teeth in all
10 to 14 months
First Molars Double teeth for chewing
15 to 18 months
Canines The pointed teeth or ‘fangs’
2 to 3 years
Second molars The second set of double teeth at the back